Wretches Kickstarter Preview


Anyone that has followed me for any amount of time knows that I have a soft spot for Sci-Fi books. I have said a thousand times that they hold potential for world building that is only rivaled by fantasy. The ideas are endless and the possibilities boundless. Wretches is not only a good idea and a first class Sci-Fi world the story is fantastic and heart wrenching. The layers of Wretches are deep with an amazing visual art that tells the story of the world as well as a classically written tale of survival between two siblings that clearly love one another. Wretches is two layers of awesome and neither lacks in anyway, in fact, they compliment each other.

Wretches 2

The kickstarter itself is laid out perfectly and starts with a small one minute video introducing Wretches from the eyes of writer James E. Roche as well as an eight page preview. I love these little videos because I feel it makes it more personal. Not only is it a solid intro to the comic we get to see a creator and hear from their own mouth what the project means to them. The passion of the creators is evident and contagious. Of course the video and the project descriptions are on point and convey what’s needed to be known but where I feel Wretches is right on the money is with the rewards. One of my pet peeve with Kickstarter rewards is when the rewards are out of touch and overly expensive, but guess what, Wretches rewards are worth every penny. Many paperback books range from five dollars and up and that is exactly where Wretches starts. Five dollars for a PDF is very reasonable considering the idea behind Kickstarter is getting a project off the ground but figuring out creative more expensive rewards is where I feel Wretches hits a homerun. The rewards range from PDF versions of the book to cool little trinkets like stickers and magnets, but what I feel is really amazing is the chance for a spot in the book. Starting at a hundred bucks you can be killed, one fifty you can kill a minor character, and unfortunately the feature roll is already taken. I truly feel like this is the essence of indie comics, bringing in people and making them feel apart of what is happening.

Wretches 1

I gave and because of the fact that being a grown up sucks I wasn’t able to give a lot but the fact that the rewards start at five dollars is proof that every dollar counts.  I really want to see this book come to life and I believe the mini series will be amazing in its entirety, but first we have to get issue 1 funded first!

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