WWSTL – Astronomic Arch of Cosplay and Artist Alley Greatness


St. Louis, the city of the arch proved a perfect place for the Wizard World comic convention!  WWSTL convention commencement had meteoric rise friday in both cosplay and attendance, launching to astronomical levels on saturday!   Holy sun spots, it was solarly amazing!

Universally fantastic artists, cosplayers and comic guests naturally orbit around Wizard World events to launch new cosplays and transform ideas into beautiful, creative art forms on the galactic nuclei levels!   WWSTL acted as a weekend propulsion for fans to the ether of creativity with such artists as Gavin Smith (luv him, hes’ a doll), Ethan Van Sciver (his art is so precise it is amazingly epic) , hilarious Rob and Greg Table art and writer Danny Fingeroth (LUV his Dazzler, Spiderman, Iron Man and Avengers work).

Favorite saturday vendor was Twistedwire, (more at www.twistedwire.us). The twisted super hero figure art he creates is so unique – it’s like superhero absolute magnitude!!!

The circumpolar star named Wizard World has conventions everywhere!  Groupon, Amazon, Coupon Sherpa and sometimes WW has great deals, coupons for tickets.  There was a 15% off on Memorial sale – hope you took advantage of it!  (pls remember, Wizard World Chicago is one of the largest of their conventions and one of the best venues to show your most treasured and exotic cosplays! 2015 WWC is set for 20-23 August, 2015 – Be there!!!)

Cosplay convergence happened saturday with so many amazing cosplays all in one sphere and on the same trajectory – enter WWSTL to show their hard work, dedication and costuming glamour!  The acceleration of costumes from the opening on saturday until the stargazing ended after the costume contest!  Stellar!!!   (Congrats Hawkgirl, !!!)   Over 100 cosplays were there en mass saturday – enjoy!!!

Best in Show Wizard World St Louis – Photo courtesy of Aaron Rabe
Our favorite Frankenberry!!! Photo courtesy of Julie Ewing
What? Wait!!! They’re friends??? Photo courtesy of Michael Wong


Gavin Smith is pretty hilarious – adorns!

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