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X-Men Shooting In Montreal Spring 2017

MELS Studio Set in Montreal
MELS Studio Set in Montreal Photo Credit: Chantal PoirierPendant

A new X-Men franchise movie will begin filming in the spring of 2017 in Montreal, Canada.  The film, as yet unnamed, will continue the Fox Studios franchise forward as they look to new characters and teams to bring in to their X-Universe.

This will be the third film in the long running franchise to be filmed in Montreal and the seventh film in the series which began in the year 200 with the film “X-Men“. The other two films were 2013’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past and 2015’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

Michel Trudel, the President of MELS Studio and Production (responsible for building stages and sets, audio and video post-production, visual effects and more) said about the beginning of the film’s production;

“They will start shooting in May and they will occupy Studios 2 and 3 of MELS for several months.”

He goes on to say; “”We had two and a half months of negotiations with the people of Fox” and later; ” I went to Los Angeles last October to try to convince them. We are very pleased that they have agreed to return to Montreal.They enjoyed their two previous shooting experience with us and they were very satisfied with our facilities and talent of the Quebec film industry. “

Wolverine on a previous set located in Montreal, Ca
Wolverine on a previous set located in Montreal, Ca

Little, at this point, is known about the plot or cast for this mysterious new X-Men movie however some clues and easter-eggs were planted in X-Men: Apocalypse such as with the Essex Corporation. If the films continue the trend of the previous movie, this new X-Men movie should be set in the 1990s.

Some of the characters and cast who have been a part of the X-Men cinematic universe since it’s inception are set to retire from the franchise.  Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will see his last outing in the upcoming “Logan” movie as well as Patrick Stewart closing out his run on the Professor Xavier role that he has portrayed since that first film in 2000.

The Set of X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Set of X-Men: Days of Future Past

It is largely understood that Fox seeks to expand the universe with other teams and bringing in new characters to farm their rosters. Could this mysterious film be the beginning of The New Mutants film that we’ve seen more of lately? Could it be an X-Force movie? Could it be more Deadpool? Both of these teams and Deadpool himself carried in to the 1990s in a very big way.

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