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Extermination Of The Original Five X-Men?


In a Twitter post today, Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief C.B Cebulski, teased a X-Men centric story line called ‘Extermination’. Extermination will launch in August of this year. Not much else in terms of information was teased by Cebulski today, but he DID say that he, Tom Breevort and the ‘Marvel Team’ would be in Chicago for C2E2 later this week. At one of that conventions’ panels, Breevort’s panel to be exact called ” True Believers” more details will emerge around Extermination.

Featuring cover art by the venerable Mark Brooks, the story will be written by Ed Brisson with interior art drawn by Marvel Young Guns class of 2018 member Pepe Larraz.  Not much else is known about the title such as the planned length (mini-series? maxi-series?) or just have pervasive the story be through the X-Titles.

The story seems like it will be the final chapter to a story begun by Brian Michael Bendis all the way back in 2012.  Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen’s take on Hank McCoy pulled from the past to the present day the original X-Men team of Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, Beast and Angel in the pages of All-New X-Men #1.

Since then they have been attempting to transport home but due to complicated physics and story arcing, the original five X-Men have been trapped in the present, unable to return to their proper place in the time line. In previous attempts, the return back to their time erased certain X-Men from existence or they wound up in a reality that already have the original five in their proper time stream positioning.

Hopefully now, after over six years in the present day 616-Universe, Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz will find a way to return the original five X-Men home!



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