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Y: the Last Man

Imagine there is seemingly a terrible plague that has destroyed every male species across the world, now imagine you and your pet Capuchin monkey are the only two living male species in existence on the planet. Now that you have that nice and fresh in your brain imagine every female you run into either wants you dead, enslaved, or enslaved until you die. This is the world that Yorich Brown faces in the ongoing Eisner award winning series Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan.

The series opens with a look into the life escape artist Yorich Brown a few before the rest of the male species becomes extinct, minus Yorich and Ampersand his Capuchin monkey. From there the journey to find his girlfriend, his mom, and his sister is underway. Yorich must travel incognito though, due to the women known as Amazons who are happy that all men are dead and kill anyone that resembles a man.

So many challenges await him as he travels and so many curve-balls are thrown the readers way during the series that you can’t quite tell who is on Yorichs side, and who is just trying to use him to reach their own goals. He travels through a dangerous time where he is hunted for being the only man alive and has only a few close allies that he trusts.

This is a very well written book with fantastic art and a unique overview of a “what would happen if…” scenario. This is definitely one of the best series I have read in a long time and very much so worth buying.

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