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Young Justice: Abduction Episode 2 (Fan Film)

Colin Bass, Nightwing, Young Justice

Comic Booked Studios proudly presents Episode 2 of their ongoing fan made web series. In this episode, we step away from the team aspect and embrace Robin’s transformation into Nightwing. There were a few questions answered, but a lot of the answers just brought more questions. Who is behind these abductions? Why are they abducting the heroes at all? And what does Lex Luthor have to do with anything? All of these questions and more will be answered throughout Season 1 of Young Justice: Abduction!

As writer for the series, I really wanted to focus on what drove Robin into becoming Nightwing. Now, keep in mind there is no Batman to push him in that direction. So I wanted to use the lack of Batman for the reasoning behind his drastic change. Dick Grayson realized that no one was going to take Robin seriously while he protected Gotham, but he knew he couldn’t BE Batman. So then, Nightwing was born. With the help of Harvey Bullock, they plan on figuring out who’s behind the hero abductions and where the victims are being taken.

Here is Episode 2 of Young Justice: Abduction

If you want to hear some behind the scenes info and a few spoilers for episode 3, check out this interview from Comic Issues Podcast!

Young Justice: Abduction Episode 2 Credits

Colin Bass as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Sean Swanson as Harvey Bullock

Brett Mason as Bane

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