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Young Justice: Abduction Panel at Long Beach Comic Con!

Young Justice Abduction

















Comic Booked Studios is proud to announce that we have our first panel on November 24th at Long Beach Comic Con! The panel will feature the experienced podcaster, Anthony Silva, aka Two Face as the moderator. We chose our 5 panelists based on who could give the audience the most insight into what goes into creating a web series.

Anthony Silva
Sean Swanson is our director, editor, and one of our strongest actors. He has played multiple roles, the most popular being Bruce Balbowski from The Quest Web Series. He also does all of the voice directing for voice overs. So as you can tell, Sean wears a lot of hats on this team!

Sean Swanson

Our next panelist, Brett Mason, has been our main villain multiple times, but he is still one of our closest friends. He’s been with us since the beginning and always does the best fight scenes. He plays Bane in Young Justice: Abduction.

Brett Mason
Another team member that has been with us since the beginning is Randy Ralston. He began as our website guy, but now he plays two of our most popular villains in our web series. Not only is he acting and writing his own riddles, he handles all of our props and more!

Randy Ralston

A newcomer to the team, but a good friend from the beginning is Rebecca Schnell aka Becca Batgirl! She brings her character to life and gives me a lot of good ideas on how to write her. Expect a bad ass Batgirl in Episode 3!

Rebecca Schnell

And last, but not least is Colin Bass aka Colin The Boy Wonder. He plays Dick Grayson, which includes Robin and Nightwing. He’s the writer for the series and choreographs the fight scenes. That was weird writing in third person…

Colin Bass as Nightwing

And now our Long Beach Comic Con Promo Video!

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