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Young Justice: Abduction (Fan Made Web Series)

Nightwing, Colin Bass, Young Justice

Young Justice: Abduction is a fan made web series loosely based off of the recently cancelled show on Cartoon Network and the multiple DC Universes. Colin Bass takes the lead role of Robin The Boy Wonder as he unravels the mysteries behind the missing members of The Justice League. New heroes and villains will be featured with each episode along with upgraded costumes, graphics, weapons, and more!

Red Arrow, Young Justice, Daniel Cudney
Daniel Cudney as Red Arrow

As writer of the series, you can imagine that we have already run into a lot of problems with only one episode under our belts. First lesson learned: Always have a back up plan and be ready to problem solve. Episode 1 was an amazing learning experience that will forever help us improve our quality and deliverance.

batgirl, robin, colin bass, rebecca schnell
Rebecca Schnell as Batgirl and Colin Bass as Robin

I plan on using 1.5 to show our best fighters go head to head (Nightwing Vs. Bane) all while driving the story further along with our most consistent actor, Sean Swanson (Detective Harvey Bullock) leading the charge. So please check out Episode 1 and keep in mind that we are doing everything we can do improve the series and entertain the audience more than ever. We had a lot of fun making it and we can’t wait to show you where the series is headed.

Without any further a due, here is episode 1 of Young Justice: Abduction. Make sure you check out the interviews for a sneak peek at Episode 1.5 and an exclusive look at NIGHTWING!

And here are some interviews with Colin Bass(Nightwing), Daniel Cudney(Red Arrow), and Seth Persky(Superboy)

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