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YouTube Series Gives Us Goku vs Superman


Author’s note: the following material contains language that some may find offensive.


Debating who would win in a fight between super heroes is an age old tradition that goes back to the early days of comic books.  It gives fans of the various genres the opportunity to plead their case for their favorite over someone else’s.

Rap music became a battle ground in the late 1970’s when battle rap was introduced to the world.  Competitors would square off in a competition to see who could shame their opponent the most through sharp-tongued jabs and retorts.  The more vicious and personal an attack, the more successful it would become.


The YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History, known commonly as ERB, has taken those ideas and meshed them together.  Pairing off various historical and fictional characters, the series turns to the fans and gives them the opportunity to vote for the winner of a given battle.

ERB has given fans plenty to debate and to enjoy with their larger-than-life depictions of various people over time.  Well into their third season of videos, creators Nice Peter, epic LLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios continue to give the fans what they want.  Their most recent episode brings Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame face to face with the big blue boy scout himself, Superman.

Superman may open the bout with some decent jabs but Goku lands the first big blow as soon as he starts in.  “How many times are they gonna rewrite your story?  Your powers have been boring since the nineteen f***ing forties.”

Not to be outdone, Superman goes with a classic joke, “From Z to GT, you can Dragon Ball deez.”

Ultimately, the Man of Steel falls short against Goku, being put in his place again when Goku drops, “Don’t lecture me about fights, you caped coward.  You got your ass beat by a bat with no powers.”

Give the video a look and let us know in the comments below who you think came out on top in this Epic Rap Battle.

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