Zach Howard gets Comic Booked!!!

Zach Howard

It is easily said that one of the top sought after artist is Zach Howard, constantly working on something new and putting out amazing artwork which screams out and should be seen all over, Howard is going to be real busy the next few months and we take some time to talk to him and find out why.

Zach Howard

IZZY: Can you give us a brief run down of some of your past work?

ZACH HOWARD: Hmm, I think I’ve pretty much worked for everyone at some point.   I first started with a few Image books and bounced around some indie companies.  The first paying comic gig I ever did was actually a Hellboy Resource Manual.  Then I got picked up by DC and Vertigo.  I jumped over to IDW and did Shaun of the Dead which really helped my career.  As I bounced around the industry doing covers and short stories, I eventually got Sean Murphy and my Outer Orbit book picked up by Dark Horse.  Then I worked for Marvel a bit.  Last year I did the Aliens relaunch for Dark Horse and then found myself back at Marvel.  Right now I’m working on an IDW book. Basically, I’ve worked for most of the companies out there.  I’ve done album covers, covers for novels, and gaming art too.  I’m pretty much a whore.

IZZY: Do you have any creator owned work of your own? Or ever thought of releasing your own projects?

ZACH HOWARD: Absolutely!  Several years ago, Sean Murphy and I did our own book through Dark Horse called OUTER ORBIT.  We had a blast doing it and we’ll eventually get together to do a sequel.

And to be perfectly honest, all I want to do is my own projects.  The only reason I do other people’s books is to keep my bills paid.  Every few years I like to suck it up and put out my own book, get poor doing it, and then crawl back to the safety of the big companies.  My next creator owned book is called WILD BLUE YONDER and it’s coming out through Th3rd World.

Zach Howard 

IZZY: Will you be attending any Cons this year?

ZACH HOWARD: The only con I’m hitting for the rest of the year is NYCC.  I have a table there, and I’ll be selling my crap!

IZZY: Is there a character you would love to draw? Who has been your favorite character over the years to draw?

ZACH HOWARD: I’ve drawn so many characters over the years, but the only one I have a definite desire to do again is the Hulk.  Hopefully I can do a fun Hulk book someday.  Maybe 48 pages of the Hulk punching the crap out of things.

zach Howard

Overall, Shaun of the Dead had the best cast of characters to draw, I’d have to say.  However, I surprisingly enjoyed drawing Spiderman quite a bit!  I never would have thought that… This is heavily contrasted with how little I enjoyed drawing Peter Parker though.  What a whiny turd he is.  Maybe I can have the Hulk punching him for 48 pages in my imaginary future book.

Zach Howard 

IZZY: Whats next on your agenda?

ZACH HOWARD: Well, I’m working on the Joe Hill book, and then going right into a two-part GI Joe story with Mike Raicht.  After that I’m going to try and knock out a good chunk of my OGN.  All the while drinking beer and being bitter.

Zach HowardZach howard


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