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Zazie Beetz as Domino for Deadpool 2


Zazie Beetz

By way of Twitter, Ryan Reynolds let the world know that actress Zazie Beetz would be joining him in the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool, the critically-acclaimed and hugely successful X-Men franchise film that smashed all kinds of records and broke the mold for what a superhero movie could be.

He posted two photographs, One that Says “Domino Effect” and the other, with her face supplanted on Domino’s body on a Deadpool and The Mission For Money parody comic book cover says “Beetz Effect”.

Beetz won the role over other actors such as Janelle Monae; the studio’s casting call was looking specifically for a “black or latina actress” for the role.

Beetz is best know for her work as Van, alongside Donald Glover in the FX show “Atlanta”. She also starred in Onul Tukel’s Rom-Com “Applesauce” in 2015. She also starred in the Netflix original TV series “Easy”. Easy was written by Joe Swanberg and told the story of a group of friends making their way in Chicago.

So who is Domino?

Like Deadpool himself, Domino is the product of governmental forays into bio-weaponry. She has the power to affect outcomes, for luck and probability to play to her benefit and – as they say – have the domino’s fall in her favor. Her probability favorability makes a positive impact on her other mercenary/assassin skills such as hand to hand combat and riflery. Domino first appeared in February 1991 in the pages of New Mutants #98 but, interestingly, that was actually Copycat (the character played by Morena Baccarin in the first Deadpool movie). Shortly thereafter (March of 1992 to be exact), Domino appeared again in X-Force #8 – this time as herself.  Domino has a long history with Deadpool and Cable and also Wolverine. (Will all 3 appear with her in Deadpool 2???) She has also had her own solo series and a starring role in a 3-part mini-series alongside Wolverine called X-Force Sex + Violence.


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