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Zenescope Artist Shoutout – Alfred Trujillo

Zenescope Comic Booked


This is my dear friend Alfred Trujillo who is drawing for Zenescope!  His story as an artist for Zenescope began on day one of Phoenix comicon last year. With critiques and advice he received at ECCC, he polished his portfolio and arrived to the convention determined to show it to anyone who would look at it. The first person he showed it to was Raven Gregory. He looked through his sequentials and asked how much work he had done professionally. He told Raven that he hadn’t yet. Raven asked him why he hadn’t and Alfred didn’t have a very good answer. The real reason is that he had only been drawing with the intent to make comics professionally for a year and Phoenix con was his second con in the last decade. After looking through half of Alfred’s portfolio Raven asked, “Do you want a job?”.  Alfred didn’t think a lot of it as Raven was high up already but he said “sure” and they exchanged information. Alfred did some test pages for him and they offered him Herbert West Chronicles. He took the 52 page comic written by Dan Wickline and got to work.  After meeting the deadline he was offered then one of the Wonderland Annual stories by Raven. He knocked that one out of the park and it became his first published comic. After that he was offered two stories in the Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Special which was a tight deadline but it was no big deal.  Alfred had proved to himself that he can draw 3 and a half pages in a day AND eat and shower. Currently he is awaiting a script from Raven for a creator owned comic.

His second published comic is out tomorrow!  Make sure to check it out!  Its a giant sized holiday issue about the Krampus and he drew two of the stories in it.

You can find him at the Zenescope booth at Amazing Arizona  Comicon.  He hopes to have his own story published soon.  You can also find him on facebook:!/alfred183

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