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Zero’s Heroes – Convention Special

Zero's Heroes

Meeting independent comic creators is not always as fun as it sounds.  More times than not the creators are awkward and have very little to no social speaking skills whatsoever.   That was not the case with Aaron Walther and Sara Rude, two people I had the pleasure of speaking with during Wizard World St.Louis.  Both had great speaking skills and a fantastic sales pitch to boot.   Don’t believe me?  Check out the Zero’s Heroes Kickstarter and tell me that isn’t one of the best kickstarters you have ever seen. Only problem was I was paying for two and even though it breaks my heart, I just didn’t have enough to buy the full Volume One, but I had about ten dollars left over so I grabbed the Convention Special Issue.   Over the past few years I have come to realize that any time I tell them I would like to review the comic for the site they always give me a free copy, which is very kind of them, but I’m not some average schmoe who wants free shit.  I realize this is a business, these people rely on selling comics just like any other comic book company.  So I just acted like a casual every day person, made some small talk and bought what I could afford.  Worth every penny.

New Haven Comics has been kind enough to offer the entire series of Zero’s Heroes online FOR FREE at but if you know me, you know I hate reading on tablets, computers, etc.  I prefer the actual comic book in my hand.   New Haven Comics doesn’t just carry one title, they also host Science Hero, the Celestial and more.  I grabbed Science Hero as well (my girlfriend is a biologist it seemed like the perfect comic for her), which you can catch the review in next weeks Bullets Review, where we give small reviews for massive amount of comics each week.  But enough advertising already let’s get to the review!

Zero’s Heroes is not exactly your typical look at Super Heroes.  It has a very smart comical edge that you just don’t get toZero's Heroes Artwork see in comics much these days.  From the first minute you open the issue there is a sample joke page that made me chuckle; immediately setting the tone for what I was about to jump into.  As the comic starts we are given great character introductions, better than most Marvel or DC team books if we are being completely honest.  I won’t rattle through the characters but each characters brings entertaining hi-jinks and quirks to the team.  But my favorite character is definitely Mr.Invincible, a man that can take is Invincible who just gets his ass kicked all the time.  Every person/hero has a very clear voice.  Even if the bubbles aren’t around that person you know exactly who is talking, which has to be the hardest thing to do in comics on an introductory issue, so mad props to Aaron Walther on that front.

The artwork is exactly the kind of artwork I like to see 70’s cartoony with vibrant colors.  In my opinion the look that every humorous comic should have.  Look has to match tone and in this case it most certainly does.  Think Skullkickers with Super Heroes.  To be honest the cover art is what grabbed my attention in the first place so Chris McJunkin (one of the coolest names I have ever heard) deserves some well deserved pats on the back for doing exactly what the cover should always be able to do, but more often than not, that is where independent comics fail miserably.  There is a splash page where the Heroes are fighting squid face and it is very Fantastic Four #1 and that is NEVER a bad thing.

The comic series is remarkably clever.  The comments about how often shirts get destroyed was one of my favorite lines but a close second was the encounter with The Bullet and his sidekick saving the day.  The issue is full of funny little things such as Animal facts and BearCat Facts.   I learned quite a bit about BearCats.  I am refusing to read the rest of the series online and will purchase the entire Volume One in the near future.  Although it isn’t the greatest comic book around, I found it wildly entertaining and a fresh look at a very over used genre.  Great job Team New Haven!

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It's probably pretty tough to get a superhero comic that isn't about the Big Two icons up and running, so I can at the very least respect that. I wish them luck.

Thanks for the nice review!

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