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Zombie Prom

So you’re a zombie, undead, scourge, whatever the deal is, but you’re trying to partry. Where do you go and what do you do? Well you go to zombie prom and have the time of your life. Duh.  At least that’s what I did!

Zombie Prom is a geek event presented by the nerd’s playground Club Cosplay. The event consists of live music, bands, DJ’s, Dancing, Themed drinks, vendors, Live performances, Zombie dancers, zombie decor for photo ops and my favorite a haunted maze you must complete to enter the venue. So you think to yourself, I would love to go to this but I don’t have a zombie cosplay? Well fear not because at the end of the maze they had a makeup workshop with some very talented artists that would turn you into the undead! These events promote nerdsafe which is created to give a safe environment for everyone to have fun and be yourself. The overall vibe of the night was very geeky and friendly. You will catch zombies slow dancing to shuffling to who knows what it’s called. Everyone just had a great time and zombie experience.

Dancing zombie performing at Zombie Prom
Dancing zombie performing at Zombie Prom. Photo By: Con Women Photography

I had the privilege to go to this event and film the undead. It was my first zombie prom experience ever so I didn’t know what to expect. So I arrive at the venue and walk to the entrance of the maze where I was greeted by a survivor of the undead. who then told me I must walk thru the haunted maze to enter the party. So with camera in hand I ran thru the maze getting scared from every which way you could think of. I finally get thru the maze and check out the awesome work being done with zombie makeup. After experiencing true fear I enter the venue ready to get my groove on.

Zombie Prom logo
Zombie Prom logo

As I walk in I get a whiff of something delicious and I look to the right and see a wonderful buffet of food. Before I got a chance to head over there and get my grub on, I was greeted by my friends. So with no food in me we then headed to the bar for some themed drinks. I forget what mine was called but it was green with a hint of red drizzling down into my drink. So I chugged it without any questions. I hear one of my friends yell ” To the dance floor” so we all followed. We then watched  a live band and a number of live performances including, beetlejuice and the zombie dancers and a cosplay contest. After all that the DJ came on to finish the show strong!

Zombie Prom is a great event if you like having a great time with friends and meeting new people just as geeky as you!

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