CBH Report: Fans Want “Ultimate Spider-Man” Canned

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Although the Disney XD “hit show” has been green lit for a season two, fans are urging that Marvel/Disney/Jeph Loeb and everyone associated give Spider-Man the gift he truly deserves on his 50th birthday; cancel Ultimate Spider-Man so that no one has to see that garbage ever again.    While fan morale has hit an all time low with such vile acts against Spider-Man such as “One More Day” ,Spider-Man 3, and Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey’s newest cartoon series where they confuse Deadpool with Peter Parker.  While there seems to be no end in sight for Marvel to stop embarrassing their most popular character all fans are asking for is a slight sign that the company will care about fans for at least one day.

In response to Marvel declining to listen to fans they have done what any true fan would do; getting fat people dressed as Spider-Man to walk around in public.   While Marvel is completely disgusted with these pictures, videos, and obscene gestures, this is only the icing on the cake.  Fans plan to continue to badger the major comic label about how mad they are about Spectacular Spider-Man being cancelled along with hate letters to everyone involved on Ultimate Spider-Man.  Fans have high hopes that all these devastating things will make people take notice of how disrespectful the series is, odds are these people will just wind up as hilarious photos on the internet for people to laugh at.

When I asked what was the next step to making Peter Parker a honorable character again random chubby fan David Moritz had this to say,


“We will do whatever we have to.  If we have to move out of our moms houses and go directly to Marvel we will.  Dan Slott has done what he can to save the character of Spider-Man while everyone else has tried to cash in on Spider-Man every way possible.  I am prepared to egg and teepee Quesada’s house if I have to.”


When will the madness stop?  Will anyone ever listen?  Can these fans move out of their parents house?


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Right or wrong, this reads like an angry editorial in a 5th grade news paper: "Students Outraged Over Chocolate Milk Shortage."

What the hell was that? I agree that the show sucks unless you're a kid under the age of 4(and that's fine), but making fun of fat kids is uncalled for. Unless you post more pictures of em dressed as Spidey.

Fairly certain it just says 'fat people', not fat kids. This whole piece is meant to be read sarcastically. Whenever you see the 'CBH Report' in front of a post, pretend you're reading 'The Onion'

I think this is meant to be a humorous article, not one to being taken seriously. Looking forward to more.

Skott Jimenez

"…random chubby fan…" is what it says.

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