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Review: Superman Unchained 2

Superman Unchained 2 Picture 1

Superman Unchained 2
Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!


The comic that should be the best on the stands continues to soar higher than even my highest expectations with the second issue of dream team Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s epic tale of the Man of Steel. The artwork is perfect. Period. The script is simultaneously human and super. And even though it’s only the second issue, I feel like this creative team has accomplished more than the last three years of Superman writers and artists combined. This series, if I were forced to choose one and only one, would be the title that I would give out to reluctant or new Superman fans who were interested in learning more about the New 52 and its mightiest hero.


That being said, it’s not without its flaws. The story is a little disjointed and doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. But that’s okay, because it’s so well written and so pretty that, quite honestly, the casual reader wouldn’t really even notice that not a whole lot is happening. The first third of the book is Superman catching a building and saving a bunch of Metropolis citizens. The second third of the book is Superman talking to Batman about a secret suit that Bruce developed to sneak up on Clark if he ever needs to bring him down. And the last third of the book is General Sam Lane (Lois Lane’s grumpy army dad who hates Superman) arguing with the Man of Steel about how easy it would be for the army to take him down if they really wanted to. Which he does. And then they’re interrupted by the mysterious “Superman” from the first issue in the cliffhanger. So that’s pretty much it. And quite honestly, the last few years of Superman stories have been so embarrassingly unreadable that I’m okay with that. The mediocre story with great pictures and realistic words from believable characters is enough for me. For now.

Superman Unchained 2 Picture 2

The backup story proves that DC’s not even entirely confident in Superman as a character, let alone a character worthy of so many monthly titles. I mean, it’s narrated by Batman. Yes, Batman’s popular, and yes, I love him, but hey, it’s not his book. He’s got like, 14 of his own he can brood around in and do the narration for. So yes, this is a good issue. I enjoyed it immensely, even though it only took a few minutes to read. But I’m ready for the story to start. Which I have faith in this team to get the ball rolling in the next issue or so. If not, I think they’re going to start losing readers. Yes, this is a visual medium, but something has to happen. And it has to happen soon. Preferably without Batman.


My Rating: 4/5

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