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Comic Dynamite from @DynamiteComics!

Dynamite Comics released some greats this week – including Swords of Sorrow, Jungle Jim and Pathfinder!   Dejah Thoris and Irene Adler look amazing as always and Jungle Jim is definitely looking better and better!  Pathfinder Origins is getting pretty exciting this week – can’t wait ’til the next installment already!

Swords of Sorrow, Irene Adler, Dejah Thoris, Dynamite Comics, 1

Swords Of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler 1 of 3

Writer – Leah Moore

Illustrator – Francesco Manna

Colorist – Inlight Studio

Letterer – Erica Schultz

Cover – Jay Anacleto (colorist Ivan Nunes)

4 thumbs up out of 5

Irene Adler tries to work with Sherlock Holmes to find where the large alien looking lion came from that was so determined to eat a British aristocrat!  Good luck Irene, looks like it might have come from an alternate universe nod it will take more than a disguise or weapon to avenge the death and gain control!!!  As for Dejah, she’s beautiful as always and ready to fight til the death for her peeps throughout the universe!  Can’t help but fangirl on her outfits!!!  No more spoilers here, gotta see it yourself, it’s epic!

Jungle Jim, Dynamite Comics, @DynamiteComics

Jungle Jim #4

Writer –  Paul Tobin

Illustrator – Sandy Jarrell

Colorist –  Luigi Anderson

Letterer – Marshall Dillon

Cover – Jonathan Lau (colorist – Omi Remalante)

(variant cover colorist – Stephen Downey)

3.79 thumbs up out of 5

This cover is pretty amazing, great job Jonathan – on the prowl with Jungle Jim!  One thing about this comic is the talking anthropomorphic animals in clothing.  Gotta love it!  Looks like Jungle Jim got a little too drunk  and is having dreams which are a little hard to maneuver through…but he changes into a walking Gorilla man and throws spiders at everyone.  Dig it!  Ming springs a band of brothers shooting at them and Jim is unable to help his compatriots, watching them get riddled with bullets and stabbed repeatedly is a little rough… but they fought honorably!  The end scene is Jungle Jim trying to get a little something as a reward – good luck with that!

Pathfinder, Pathfinder Origins, Dynamite Comics, @DynamiteComics









Pathfinder Origins #5

Writer – F. Wesley Schneider

Illustrator –  Tom Garcia

Colorist – Mohan

Letterer – Marshall Dillon

Cover – Sebastian Cichon (A), Tom Garcia and Mohan (B)

Sean Izaakse and Mohan (C),  Jorge Faras (D).

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

Harsk and the elf Shalelu team up to go tromping through the forest – when they do they find a fantastically magical elf world that looks like it jumped out of an old fairy tale book or fairy dictionary!  It’s beautiful drawings and colors, truly magnificent artistry.  A lion, snow leopard, gnomes, druid, fey and beautiful illustrations make this story come to life.  Good solid story line and successful plot keep you interested and wanting to find out what they are really searching for…


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