Comic Genius – Bob’s Burgers – Run it through the garden and pin a rose on!!!

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Comic Genius – Bob’s Burgers – Run it through the garden and pin a rose on!!!

(diner talk for add lettuce, tomato and onions on your burger) Vocab key at end!

Bob’s Burgers has been on FOX since 2011 and is going strong with season 6 starting 27 September, 2015.  Bob’s Burgers is all ’bout the ‘regular’ Belcher family (Bob and Linda, Gene, Tina and Louise) and how they deal with campers, check the ice, work with Indiana Jones, manage chuds and work their customer service! If you like off color humor or strange behavior that makes you smile when your grown-up mind doesn’t want to – this is the comic and show for you.  Bob owns a restaurant that serves, well… hamburgers that apparently are uber delicious yet customers are drawn to another restaurant – despite Bob’s burgers being better than a bowl of red, bucket of cold mud, blue-plate special or bossy in a bowl!!!  So if you want a cryin’ Johnny on wheels, a hockey puck drug through Wisconsin on a rail or just 2 cows made to cry with wings – apparently this is the place to go!

SDCC and Fox are bringing Bob’s Burgers to a Comic-Con panel July 10th at 4pm this year in San Diego!  If you happen to be lucky enough to be at Comic-Con 2015 – head out to the panel – it’s gonna be a smash!  If you come, tho, make sure to bring some hounds on an island, GAC Tommies, birds in a nest, bun pups, chicks on a raft, cops and robbers, a deadeye, Jack Benny, Betty Ford or a radio sandwich ’cause I’m positive they won’t be serving food during the panel!

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From the creators of the hit TV show and Dynamite Comics – Bob’s Burgers comic is cooking along and flipping doing great!

Dynamite Entertainment publishes this interesting gem with little blurbs of Bob – small comic stories within the comic book – brilliant!  Maybe next issue they’ll beef it up with some staff escapades and customer shenanigans with bloodhounds in the hay, a bow-wow with whistleberries and Bronx vanilla, some hounds on an island or a mousetrap on a rail!   It keeps your interest, provides short bursts of giggles and is a clever way of making a burger place seem more interesting than flipping, cleaning, selling and eating really is!  Whether you like hockey pucks painted red, peeled off the wall, chewed with fine breath or with a rose pinned on it topped with some dog soup – take a peek.   Life out of the restaurant is just as interesting as inside!   It’s a tough job, but Bob’s Burgers artists and writers are magnificently creative!!!

Check out the new season in September and the new comic this week!  Not a big fan of Stewie humor?  May not be your cup o’ joe? It’s uber funny to those who get Seth MacFarlane – keep an open mind!  (example: last panel of comic is son Gene on the toilet… pooping)    What’s really funny, tho, is that most of the comic appears out of the restaurant, not in it!  Luv the surfacing costumes at comicons from Bob’s Burgers – lots of Gene, Tina and Louise! Only one Bob cosplay has been sighted so far, tho, at Planet Comicon 2015.

Comic Dynamite gives this #1 issue a 4 burger plate out of 5 – for creative condiments and making the burger and fries life flippin’ funny!

1) Tina’s Erotic Fiction Presents: Take a Chance on Me(s)

Writer: Brian Hall      Artist: Frank Forte

2) Bob’s Fantasy Food Truck Concept Art ‘Double Black Dining’

Writer: Mike Olsen     Artist: Hector Reynoso & Anthony Aguinaldo

3)  Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities: What Lies Beneath Bob’s Burgers

Writer:  Justin Hook     Artist:  Ryan Mattos

4) Linda’s Attempt To Take A Nice Family Picture In Front of the Restaurant (and how it always goes wrong) #273

Writer:  Loren Bouchard     Artists:  Hector Reynoso & Anthony Aguinaldo

5)  Gene’s Rhymey Rhymes That Could One Day Be Songs Presents: Full Moon Lounge Gene

Writer:  Mike Olsen     Artist: Derek Schroeder

Pin-Up #1:  Rudy De La Cruz     Pin-Up #2:  Frank Forte

Main Cover Artists:  Frank Forte(A) & Derek Schroeder (B&C)

Incentive Cover Artists:  Emiko Sawanobori(E) & Kaya Dzankich (F)


Diner vocabulary key:

Run it through the garden – put some lettuce on a burger

Pin a rose on it – add tomato on the burger

Campers – customers taking their time at a table

Check the ice – look at the attractive person who just came in

Indiana Jones – a table that arrives just before closing time

Manage ‘chuds’ – diners who take up a whole table and only drink coffee

Customer service – an attractive table

Bowl of red – chili

Bucket of cold mud – bowl of chocolate ice cream

Blue-plate special – the daily special, or a serving of meat, potato and vegetable served on a plate sectioned in three parts

Bossy in a bowl – beef stew

Cryin’ Johnny on wheels – burger with extra onions to go

Hockey puck drug through Wisconsin on a rail – well done burger with cheese – fast!

2 cows made to cry with wings – two burgers with onions to go

Hounds on an island – franks and beans

GAC Tommies – grilled cheese with tomatoes

Birds in a nest – fried egg on toast with a hole cut out

Bun pups – hot dogs

Chicks on a raft – eggs on toast

Cops and robbers – donuts and coffee

Deadeye – poached egg

Jack Benny – cheese with bacon

Betty Ford – single order of the chicken breast dish

Radio sandwich – tuna sandwich

Bloodhounds in the hay -Bow-wow with whistleberries and Bronx vanilla

Hounds on an island – franks and beans

Mousetrap on a rail – grilled cheese sandwich

Hockey pucks – well done hamburger

Painted red – ketchup added

Peeled off the wall – add a leaf of lettuce

Chewed with fine breath – hamburger with onions

Dog soup – water


Can’t get enough food talk?  Want some more?   Here’s the rest of the list on Wiki!  Boom – now you’re armed and ready to mosh!



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