Terminator Genisys Trailer Tease

Terminator Genisys Logo

Paramount has released a teaser of the trailer hitting the streets tomorrow. I wonder how long this franchise can continue, and it seems like they are forcing things just a bit. I don’t doubt that the movie will have great effects and be action packed. I’m just not sold on another Terminator movie, and as much as I love Arnold, his time has sadly past. Check out the teaser, looks cool, right?

After watching that, I went to their website to see if I could get any extra information, and found this…

Again, pretty awesome. Does it make a great movie? Are you even excited when you hear Terminator these days? I hear Terminator and think of part 2 especially. Something about Guns & Roses, being a kid, and thinking wow, these Terminators are bad ass. Sadly, innocence that was alive and well back then has died. Information overload has brought us to a point where we’re constantly bombarded with the biggest, baddest, next great thing. I almost wish we lived in and age without the internet..but then how would I be writing to all of you?

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