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Walking Dead Season 6

Less than 30 days and counting to the second half of the Walking Dead Season Five. We know that it does not take much to get Walking Dead fans riled up and anxious about the coming episodes, as spoilers and speculation abound in online chatrooms and on Facebook. I promise that all I have in this article is pure speculation. No real facts, just guesses.

Let’s take a look at this new poster:

Walking Dead Season 5

What do we know? The mid-season finale, for those of you who missed it, had the team going to find Beth at Grady Memorial in Atlanta. After the climactic conclusion of that episode, we have to bid a sad farewell to one of the characters that worked their way into our hearts… Officer Bob. Not really, but Rick did a great job of taking him out… “You can’t go back, Bob.”

With Beth gone, and Eugene outed as a liar, things are not looking great for the group, so they currently lack a direction or mission. What can that mean?

Let’s take a look at some of the details of this poster and make some wild assumptions based on what we want to happen and conclusions we draw from the pictures.

Walking Dead Season FiveFirst thing that catches my eye is the group. I count nine people. Left to right it looks like Tyrese, Sharon (or Rosita), Abraham, Then big Rick in the middle, Carol (in the distance), Glenn, Michonne, Carl, and Daryl. Two interesting things about this part of the picture. First, we are missing several members of the group. Maggie, Tara, Eugene, and either Rosita or Sharon are noticeably absent. Is this a prediction of deaths we could see during this part of the season? The other part is that the group is on the move. This makes a lot of sense due to the loss of their other shelters. Where are they headed?

Perhaps the next part of the image will give us that hint…

Walking Dead Season FiveHere we see the map that Abraham had given Rick when they parted ways. The “New World” mentioned here could mean that they are off to explore other areas, maybe leaving Georgia? If you remember when Noah had mentioned that he was from a city with walls. From the comics we know that Alexandria, Virginia, was a walled city, also called the Alexandria Safe Zone. Could the crew be heading north to see what the area around Washington D.C. could hold? Perhaps Eugene wasn’t so far off when thinking that D.C. would be the safest place to be. Either way, the area of the map that we see here is northern Virginia, D.C., and Maryland.

Some other images from the poster to mull over…

Walking Dead Season Five Walking Dead Season Five

The house is probably just a broken down old house, but it does look like it has been blown up, which is strange. The other building looks like a power plant or some sort of factory. Maybe Negan’s factory, just like in the comics…

Walking Dead Season Five

So, who will survive and who else will fall? These are all things to consider as we move towards the last half of Season Five. For now, check out the newest trailer for this season.

[youtube id=”Pv4-F6Q-1FQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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