Fall Television Preview: Gracepoint


Fox jumps further into crime dramas with a bit of a twist with their new show Gracepoint. A remake of a popular BBC show titled Broadchurch, Gracepoint debuts tonight.

Gracepoint takes a slow and methodical approach to the crime drama scene. Don’t expect multiple investigations to happen throughout the season. This isn’t about the police department or a special division focused on specific crimes. This show is far more encompassing than that.

This show takes place in a small town in California where a young boy is murdered. Sure, viewers will follow along throughout the season as the police do their jobs. They will also see how the family deals with the large amount of media attention. Viewers will find a small town with a lot of secrets that are going to be exposed as the investigation rolls along.

Ultimately, the series revolves around the town, the people, the community and the big picture of what happens to all the moving pieces surrounding a tragedy. Broadchurch was critically acclaimed and some people think that Gracepoint will be as well. It is a remake, however. There is some concern over just how well it will be received by people that have seen the original.

While there are many cast members that fans will recognize, it would be impossible to overlook or not mention Anna Gunn’s return to series television as Detective Ellie Miller. Viewers will remember her as the now iconic Skylar White in Breaking Bad.



Gracepoint airs on CBS Thursday nights at 9 pm eastern time.

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